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HEXBUG Tony Hawk CircuitBoards TRI PACK REVIEW!!!

The concave is not that extreme. Fisheye!

The concave is not that extreme. Fisheye!



Yaay! First review! Alright, here goes…

So, today I stopped by my local Target store and noticed a new fingerboard product next to the Tech Decks! “Remote-Controlled fingerboards?” I thought, “That idea definitely has merit” So I bought one and decided to review it.

I could sum this entire review up in one sentence by saying that these fingerboards are fun, but have some imperfections, but since this is my first review I figured I’d go into more detail…

Okay, so anyway, let’s get on with it, shall we?

PRICE: This “TRI PACK” of three fingerboards by Tony Hawk Circuitboards and Hexbug was on sale for $2.98 at my local Target store. THREE DOLLARS. NEED I SAY ANYTHING ELSE? The answer is yes. Three dollars for three fingerboards is the price you would pay to buy cheap party-store fingerboards that break when you do a pop shuvit! Granted, these were on sale, and I think they normally go for around 10 dollars per pack.

CONSTRUCTION: All three of the fingerboards that came in this set were perfect, except for one problem that I will discuss later. Anyway, the completes were all made of plastic, except for the trucks. The decks are not entirely stiff, but this isn’t a deal-breaker or anything, and I personally don’t notice it when I was riding them. The decks are also 30mm wide by 100mm long, and have mellow concave and medium kicks. Trucks were all metal, without the weld/solder lines that Tech Deck trucks have. The bushings were the same as standard Tech Deck bushings. The wheels however, were much larger than Tech Deck wheels, and held speed for much longer. Also, the grip is printed skate grip.

PERFORMANCE: This fingerboard felt very similar to my DK S5 setup that I have as my main. The concave is a nice balance between high and low, and flips pretty fast. The trucks actually turn when tuned correctly and the wheels give the board extra pop and hold speed much better than Tech Deck wheels.

FLAWS: Remember how I was saying that this fingerboard had some imperfections, well here they are. For starters, I could not completely screw in some of the bolts that the fingerboards came with. (Circuit Boards come with one truck not attached to the fingerboard so a “Power Axle” can be attached to the fingerboard, which makes it remote control.) I ended up just swapping the Circuit Boards bolts for Tech Deck bolts that I had lying around. Another flaw of this fingerboard is that standard fingerboard trucks (BRTs, TDs, YTrucks) will not fit on Circuit Boards, because the mounting holes on the decks and trucks are too close together for standard trucks. The third flaw with this deck is that the tuning is not amazing, with it’s extremely hard bushings and skate style grip, but this is inherent of pretty much any plastic fingerboard. I think that the kit with the power axle for Circuit Boards actually comes with softer bushings, so tuning is not that big of a deal breaker. Foam grip would be nice, though.

OVERALL: Despite the flaws, three dollars for three good quality fingerboards is a total steal and is definitely worth the trip to your local Target or Walmart store. They perform well and are made relatively well, and are definitely worth the price. Go get one! 🙂


P.S.: Was this cool? would you rather I do video reviews or text reviews like this one? Tell me what you think by emailing me at Thanks!


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