4 Fun Facts About The Fender Stratocaster

Continuing the Fun Facts Series, I thought this would be fun…

  1. Fender’s Hard Times

Image result for 1983 stratocaster

From 1983 to 1985, Fender had to cut back on cost for producing their guitars. They achieved this by removing a tone knob from the standard Stratocaster layout and replace it with a jack input. How removing a tone knob saved them enough money to be commercially viable again I do not know, but hey!, Fender still exists, so it worked.

2. Useless Parts

The first Strats had a chrome cover over the tremolo unit, similar to an ashtray Telecaster cover. The only purpose I can see for this is that it would prevent players from scraping their hands on the string saddles. Unlike the Telecaster cover, which was mean to increase the magnetic field of the pickup, the Strat’s tremolo cover did not go over any pickups and therefore could not increase their magnetic field.

3. Country Influences

The Fender Stratocaster was originally made for country music. Its single coil pickups provided a “twangy” sound that was more mellow than that of a Telecaster, but not as fat and dark as a humbucker. Also, Bill Carson, a well known country guitar player, was crucial in the design of the Stratocaster. (Image to the right is Bill Carson’s Stratocaster)

4. No. 1 Strat

Image result for strat no 1 dave gilmour

An oddity among Fenders, a blonde Strat, owned by David Gilmour, is engraved with the serial number “0001.” According to “The Ultimate Guitar Book” by Tony Bacon, it is not the first Stratocaster ever made.

5. My guitar

Image result for jay turser strat Copy red 3/4

A modified cherry burst Squier standard Strat appears in plenty of videos on my Youtube channel, and was in my first ever guitar-related video. A “Jay Turser” Stratocaster copy was my first guitar, so Stratocasters are very special to me.

Thanks for reading this post!


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