4 Fun Facts About Gibson Guitars

Here are five fun facts about Gbson guitars that I have found over the years. Many people seem to not know about them, so why wouldn’t I share them.

  1. “TV Yellow”

In 1958, Gibson started making Les Paul Jr. guitars with two cutaways. These guitars featured a new finish called “TV.” This finish looked white on black and white television screens, but it didn’t have the glare of an actually white finish.

2. “Killswitch Engage”

If you have an SG or Les Paul, or just a guitar with two volume knobs, you can turn one to “0” and the other to any setting other than “0” and flip between them to get a killswitch effect. This is what Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello does with his guitar in songs like “Know Your Enemy.”

3. “Flip Flopper”

Peter Green is famous for the articulate tone from his neck pickup in his ’58 Les Paul. He partially got this tone from flipping the neck pickup so that the visible pole pieces were closer to the bridge. This increases the treble in the neck pickup making it sound more the neck and middle pickup of a Stratocaster, if the comparison can be made.

4. “Flip Flopper Part 2”

The principle in the last part is also applicable to the bridge pickup in a Les Paul or humbucker guitar. This mod increases the treble and mids in the bridge pickup. I mention this in my rundown of my modded Les Paul. You can find this video on my youtube channel.


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