My fingerboard setup

Hey everyone!

Starting on Sunday (hopefully) I am going to post a fingerboard setup of the week, so if you want to, you can email me a picture of your setup (.jpeg and .png are preferred) but because it’s Thursday I decided to just post a picture and a description of my fingerboard setup. Enjoy!

Full grip shot Full shot Concave shot


I apologize for the last image being distorted. The fabric in the background are only blinds. 😉

Deck: DK Decks 32mm Aqua

Trucks: TD (Tech Deck) Raw Wides

Bushings: TD Longboards

Wheels: 4 Corner Fingerboards Standard Bearing Wheels.

Tape: Homemade Orange Foam

This setup has worked really well for me for the most part. I have really liked DK decks ever since buying this one, because they are crazy light, have tons of pop, are vibrantly colored, and have the football-like shape of 90’s skateboard decks. Tech Deck trucks are generally pretty bulletproof if their axles are straight. Tech deck longboard bushings are pretty soft, but still offer a solid pop. The wheels that I have I bought in a complete that came with my DK deck from four corner fingerboards. These wheels have very high quality bearings inside of them that help make rolling smoother. These wheels also have a wider contact patch than many other wheels I have tried, which makes them grippier. That makes up for them not being treaded. My tape is weird, because it is literally just craft store craft foam. It’s weird how it makes good griptape. Fingerboarding purists can rest assured I am most likely going to get some FBS Extra Smooth Tape from Flatface fingerboards soon.

Thanks for checking out this post! See you guys later!


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