12/1/2016 Youtube links

Hey everyone, make sure to subscribe to the website Youtube channel by going through the links on the navigation bar above.


9/25/16 More videos!

Hey everyone, I recently posted a few videos on my channel. Make sure to go check them out, especially if you are a guitar nerd like me.


8/9/16 Channel Updates on Youtube

Hey everyone, I just posted some updates for the website and the Youtube Channel. Go check it out! Make sure to subscribe, like and leave a comment if you enjoy anything on the channel you see.


7/8/16 Blackriver Ads and Articles in Concrete Wave

Hey everyone, I was just reading an issue of Concrete Wave, a longboarding magazine, and in the most recent few issues, there have been ads for Blackriver, a large fingerboard company. There was also an article and interview with the founder of Blackriver. I think this is great publicity for fingerboarding, but form your own opinions and read the article!


5/28/16 New Concrete at Flatface

I just checked out the Flatface website, and it looks like they have some new concrete objects

Image 1

First of all, it looks like they have some new curbs, where the concrete is dyed a color. I think this is pretty sweet because even if the curb gets very worn, it will most likely still be the color it originally was. Also, they have a new stock of Harrier Ramps! For those who don’t know, Harrier ramps are made of a special super-smooth concrete that grinds really well. The two that caught my eye were the mini transition curb and the wobble.The mini transition curb looks really realistic with little bricks cut into it. The wobble loons like a standard volcano ramp, but it looks super smooth and really fun! Go check it out!


5/15/16 New Videos up on Youtube

Make sure to check out our Youtube site for new videos. We have some new videos up right now, so go check it out my dude.

Also, I took down some of the other pages, because I’m trying to move away from just fingerboarding and skateboarding on the site.

I know you’re all very torn up right now. It’s going to be okay without those pages.

Completely going against what I just said,  Devise has some new oldschools out.

Image 1

I need to get one of these, because tail taps are really hard with a popsicle deck.

Later people!


11/25/15 ORANGATANG HARD WHEELS!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Hey everyone, I was just checking out the Loaded website, and check out what Orangatang just dropped!

Onsens 58mm

New Orangatang skate wheels! These are 100a hard skating wheels, and look incredible. The choice of colors mixed with Orangatang’s proven core makes for an awesome wheel. I personally love how simple the graphics are. Today’s skate wheels tend to have weird or violent graphics, and I think Orangatang has struck a great balance between having cool graphics but not being too minimalist. I have had two sets of Orangatang wheels so far, and they have been perfect for slides. These wheels apparently have a stone ground finish, not treaded like most skate wheels. I personally HATE treaded wheels. I feel like it really doesn’t add anything to the wheel. These are also pretty big. 58mm is a substantial wheel, and people might need to use some risers to make sure they don’t get wheel bite. The best part about these wheels though, is that they retail for only $36 dollars! Normally, longboard wheels go for around $50+! I need to get a set of these. If you do too, make sure to email me what you think of them at



Hey everybody! Make sure to check out and subscribe to my new Youtube channel! I will most likely have weekly videos with random stuff. It’s called

Here’s a link:


8/29/15 Force Wheels NEW PRODUCT!

One of my favorite skateboard wheel companies, FORCE wheels, has just dropped a TON of new wheel graphics for Autumn. I am super stoked on all the new graphics! If these aren’t the coolest looking wheels out there, email me a picture of the coolest wheels at Also, you can get a set of them at

Shattered - 53mm

Matrix - 53mm

Shattered - 52mm

Monster - 54mm

Monster - 53mm


8/4/15 FYI and STICKERZ!!!!

I have finally found a kind of paper that produces the kind of stickers I have been wanting for this site! That means I will hopefully have sticker packs for sale VERY SOON! Also, I took down the Herowood page because there was nothing on it. (I will post it again when I have something to have on it.

Here is a pic of the new stickers!:





The first review on this site is now live! Go check it out under the “Reviews” page! 🙂


8/1/15 Another week, another setup!

Checkout FB setup of the week for our second winner of setup of the week.



Oh boy, what to add news about. Well, there are new stocks at Flatface, Four Corner Fingerboards has DK decks and I recently ordered an RD-5 complete from Roswell’s FBS. When it comes I will definitely post a video review.


7/23/2015 My fingerboard setup

Check out posts for specs of my fingerboard setup!

Also, I found out that gifs work on my site! :):):):)

7/22/2015 I fell off of the face of the earth

I have posted almost nothing in the past few months. 😦 I’m Sorry.


1/3/15 Type Much?

Check out the page “Type Much?” for funny misspellings and other stuff.


1/1/15 NEW! Instructables site!

HEROWOOD/heroellis is FINALLY on Instructables! Check back often to see cool instructions on how to make things like fingerboard ramps, rockets, and other cool stuff!

Click here to visit the site


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